I can not make promises as to what this will be. Life has proven itself far to unpredictable for that but what I do know is I am in the middle of a very stressful, busy and exciting time in my life. A time full of weighted decisions, expectations and adventures. I am perfectly ordinary however in no way do I enjoy viewing the world as a place in any way less than extraordinary. I strive to see the world right in front of me and am working on appreciating the full view of what I see every moment of every day. I want to be awake in my life.
My goal here is to express as best can some of the experiences I am having, some of the events I encounter, hurdles I am faced with and hopefully triumphs I achieve. This may at times be a method by which I show myself how lucky I am or in other moments as a way of reassuring myself and through a quantifiable form of expression encouraging myself to perceiver.
I will as always be honest and frank, perhaps sometimes a little too flamboyant but I make no apologies for loving the written word and the joy and peace it brings me to release some of the thoughts clouding my mind and see them take shape in some form or another.
My hope is to focus myself somehow over the next few months by using this forum as a means of schizophrenic expression for the variables beyond my control.
If in any way something about my life touches on an experience of your own or if is in some way relatable, stick with me and we shall see where this will lead.
There is always a reason.



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