Too Cute to Eat

I know this is about a month delayed but the result of this fun little project was so adorable I felt it needed to be shared, better late than never and perhaps it can be some VERY early inspiration. If not just a sweet little creative idea. I can’t take the credit completely for this, I did find an image of something similar online and made it my own through the process of attempting to replicate what I had seen.

What you’ll need:
Drinking chocolate or cocoa powder
Large and mini marshmallows
Large chocolate buttons
Strawberry laces candy
Powdered/ Icing sugar
Melted chocolate
(some biscuits…..)
Cocktail sticks
And patience!

Really this is a recipe that for the most part requires a little time and some patient assembly skills.
Basically the large marshmallows are skewered with the cocktail stick, decorated with a face, topped with a drop of melted chocolate to glue the chocolate button and also on top of the button to glue the Rolo as a hat. The laces get plated together and wrapped around the edible snowman with hunger care. To finish there are two options, these sprang from 1) the snowmen failing to stay standing on their own and 2) a lack of pretty jars.

Option 1- the well-presented gift!
IMG_20141225_121940 Here the assembled snowman was stood into a jar filled with a enough hot chocolate powder to make up the jar with warm water or milk and result in a hot chocolate!! Then a little dusting of snow (powdered/ icing sugar) and some mini marshmallows completed the look, the jar was sealed up and tied up with a ribbon. Instructions for the good part, the eating were to remove the snowman, make up the hot chocolate (not with boiling water, the jar may break) and then to use the snowman to dunk and snack as an accompaniment, get stuck in I say, YUM.

Option 2- the trouble makers
Honestly it was a nightmare trying to figure out how to get these little figures to stay standing. I encountered this quite major issue as I began decorating and upon time to leave these tiny men to try I found them tumbling all over the place and refusing to allow my fine work to set, determined to smudge and smear my efforts by tossing themselves without warning onto the table top. After trying to add further cocktail sticks for stability, trying to realign in case crookedness was the case, the only viable solution was more chocolate, I should have known from the start. What worked was taking a digestive biscuit, adding a good dollop of melted chocolate and sitting the snowman comfortably in this delicious puddle.
DSC_0009 They did need to be placed against some tall object (eg a glass or a cup) to prop them as the chocolate set (to speed this I, very taboo for chocolate but I placed them in the freezer for less than 5 minutes to harden). After this they were secured in place and set solid, sturdy little snow soldiers. Again is dusted these with snow to complete the effect and placed in a container to transport to their new homes. Around their toes I tossed mini marshmallows to loosely mimic snow and just add to the fun.

These made perfect and personal gift for several grateful children last Christmas and were so fun to give out, seeing the excitement and watching the joy upon receipt of such a simple thing was really special. Gifts never need be exceedingly elaborate; edible is always a crowd pleaser!

Let me know what you think, I certainly loved making these sweet little things.


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