The Connections Series


I think following a holiday season it is only natural to find yourself reflecting upon what it means to have a connection. Connections in family, with a partner, a loving connection, a business connection or an inexplicable connection.

At these times of the year, people instinctively flock together, gather, are drawn closer or through the same proximity can also unfortunately move further apart. Connections are not always forces that pull closer, some connections by nature push apart. It is a time of heightened emotion, reflection and can cause a phenomenon of complete rose tinted wonder to cover all the occurs until the season concludes. It was at this point of emergence and clarity my reflections began and have brought about the following ramblings. When the sugar and spice high had worn off i began to think of things in greater depth and spent time questioning the connections in my life, the influences they play and the roots of their effects. In fact also I questioned indeed what exactly were the effects of some of these connections.

Over the next few days I’m going to try to tease out what thoughts have settled with me regarding some aspects of connection and bonds that unite the numerous fraying and entangled threads of this life of mine.

To start with the obvious, but again a topic following the decent from post holiday euphoria, a little look at attraction. A little look and also a very personally subjective look. I’m definitely not giving advice more so I am being self critical and speaking only with regard to personal experience and observations i have made through my experiences. We all experience life differently and nothing more so for that matter than connections, they are individual to each of us. I’m not trying to blanket analyse here but hope more so to express a little of what these different connections mean to me and how I have experienced them thus far.

If you are interested, stay tuned, there is sure to be some interesting/ embarrassing revelations to follow…..

Post 1: Attraction- the beginning
Post 2: Attraction- ongoing unknown


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