Nollaig Shona Duit

Nollaig Shona, a whisper on the wind.

Winter holds me,
Fixes me in its embrace.
Embers crackle, chase away shadow,
Round out a room with hum and sizzle.

A season of contradictions,
Anticipation and remembrance surface as sisters,
Hand in hand with each other,
Heartache and hope,
A time of lightness and happiness,
Punctuated with reminders of loss.

Whether prompted by tradition or superstition,
Tiny flickers of light decorate an expansive gloom.
Ledges and siles are lined with hopes and wishes,
Vigils illuminating windows,
Promises of memories place in the present,
A beacon home, a gentle reminder in a dark night.

Droplets dance down the pane,
Leaving great trailing patterns of longing in their wake.
Bound indoors, water pools and pours around,
A vail of fallen tears blur the distance and cover the ground.

Festivity and glittering celebration surround,
All within reach gleams with a ruby hue,
The rose tinted visage of a season wrapped in red velvet.
We gather inside of a self-created snow globe,
A pantomime; a temporary reality; an escape from the cold.

Sitting curled in tight,
One half pressed against cool, clear surface,
The other side feels the burning pull,
The sleepy call of cinnamon scented suspension,
Shoulder to shoulder with escape yet frozen in place.

Joyous, jubilant, comradery crowded cheer,
Crackers pop and release their treasure,
A sapphire metallic foil square falls,
Rests but a moment,
Then recommences its dance through the air.

Left where I was before the fleeting touch of celebration,
Present yet only half awake,
Drifting in and out of memory,
Blissful and burdened.

Carols chorus, swirl, waltz way up in rafters on high,
Carry thoughts and songs of dedication through the air,
The voices of a season laden with emotion,
One celebration with endless meaning,
A little different for us all.

Just another moment amongst many,
One day out of a year.
Light and dark, pain and joy united,
Together with those we love,
Also sadly without.

Téann an saol thart mar a bheadh eiteoga air,
Cuireann gach aon Nollaig bliain eile ar do ghualainn.


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