The key to honesty is to never lock away your words. Speak with your heart; openly and truthfully. Be guided but not ruled by your head.

Remember that what is said is by nature designed to be heard and is unavoidably always felt.

The secret is not to restrict. Be honest and free with your speech, elaborate and explain. Don’t let the lack of continuance, thoughtless abruptness or incompletion of a sentence be a thorn, a silent dagger unnecessarily thrown. Often it is what we mistakenly or absentmindedly leave unsaid that holds the most weight and speaks the loudest. If only the words spoken softly inside were heard aloud context or raw emotion may have illuminated a situation and salved a wound the never needed to be created.

Don’t intentionally cast word like weapons, they will find a home if allowed to fly. Speak with the knowledge that you are listened to, even when we may feel like we are not or are in a position where we no longer want to talk or argue or continue. Know that in those moments when you may think you are pulling away you are in fact shouting all the louder. Each heavy dismissal or defeated surrender is a phrase, an expression in and of itself. These things, these actions and situations seed and silently, progressively root in the minds, in the memory, in the hearts of those outside ourselves each and every time. A conversation is by definition the opposite of one sided.

Desire to make each syllable shaped matter, each string of thoughts important and each word worthwhile.

We can’t be in fear of our own thoughts or anxious and prohibitive with the words that come to us. We are instinctively communicative and even if not recognized we constantly seek to express ourselves, our views and the individual nuances that accumulate to be the whole of who we are. There are so many ways to show the world this but none more direct and if fully embraced truly revealing as the action of speech and sharing who we are through our thoughts, our inner most emotive selves, our beliefs and our minds. Words are a part of us and seek to flow from us and be heard. Strive to always be true to yourself and do justice to those in receipt of your words, your presence, the audible and real you. Let yourself be seen and allow all of you to be heard.


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