Wool means Winter

Winter has most certainly arrived and with it has also come my favourite aspect of cold weather, fluffy, woolly, winter clothing. It is, I am finding a balancing act to put together outfits that are warm enough for the bracing mornings and evenings yet not too insulated that i suffocate during the stressful and heated work filled middle of the day and also that importantly look professional and not just super cosy and warm.

Here are two examples of so far what I’ve worn thus far as the cold begins to force me into only long sleeves and thicker tights. I have to say though it is a surprisingly fun season. Cool air brings the opportunity to play with layers and colours and textures. Its not all doom and frosty gloom, it’s just winter and I love it. I love the sharpness and clarity to the air. The feel of being pushed into a state of real wide open, alertness. Feeling that indescribable and unexplainable sense of possibility that comes in on the cold air. The feeling of the end of one year approaching and the hope and excitement for an imminent new year to begin.

But back to whats been worn, also i should mention on the horizon are lots of warming and wonderful winter meals and treats that have begun to occupy these dark evenings. I know I’ve been away lately but I’m back on track, regaining control of this crazy schedule that is life and looking forward to sharing again, so please stay tuned.

This was a fun dress and jumper combo that was prefect for a day at my desk. It was quite casual but with no meetings on the books meant I could bundle up and still be put together, in my own way.


I covered up with this amazing H&M trench that I am obsessed with. It really brought the outfit together for the office and kept me nice and insulated too.


Another fun combo were these really great patterned pants, amazingly the right length for me. I am by no means outstandingly tall but this year I’ve really been struggling to find well fitted pants. These beautiful pants from Coast are just lovely. Good fit, ideal length and a really nice pattern that paired with this pretty pastel pallet from my jumper and my coat i think the look came together to be soft and also smart.

DSC_0116 (2)

Finally another dress. This time my patterned midi is in my mind professional and individual. This outfit is a nod to my strong vintage influence and also i think modern and clean. Again winter means great coats and here’s another of mine. Pretty and baby pink, it does give me a little anxiety about getting it dirty but its worth it when its just so sweet and I’m finding also very versatile, I’ve been wearing it loads.

IMG_0242          IMG_0249

Winter always makes me nostalgic and tends to send my mind adrift in so many directions. For me this time of the year has always been reflective and in a way freeing. I always feel most myself in the winter months. Playing with clothes and embracing, taking control of how this weather can make you feel is empowering and I just adore how a knit jumper is undoubtedly a constant source of comfort. I fully embrace winter, although Ireland by no means gets extreme weather, the chill still signifies change and change is always a good thing.



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