I decided recently that I am going to fully embrace all creative whims that awaken excitement and stir even the slightest bit of joy in me. I have always loved to scribble and doodle, often growing up showing my artistic flare on surfaces that I shouldn’t. I have so many fond memories of days spent covered in paint or clay around the table with my sisters, feathers strewn about, coloured papers and cards littering the floor, creations born out of joy and laughter. A treasured spot of ours was beneath the dining room table, huddled together, giggling and whispering childhood secrets we decorated the tables belly with stickers and glitter, marked milestones and recorded tales documenting the innocent fun of youth and the patience of wonderful parents.
This ever persistent urge to be expressive has I feel only benefited me thus far in my life. I have also found it over time to be a really sweet and genuine opportunity to spend time with people, be creative and make treasured memories. Now I acknowledge I am no artist but I like to think that by sharing my colourful pastime I might in some small way spark the idea in another to do the same and by this reignite a passion for the arts that I feel is sadly disappearing as pastime for many. Time spent making something or messing around with colours and paint might seem by today’s standards old fashioned but it is truly cathartic and special.
I had a little time one evening recently and this combined with a sudden urge to draw resulted in me reaching for the nearest pretty object, in this instance I grabbed a decorative butterfly jewelry box I had on on my bedside table. I didn’t spend very much time and certainly not a lot of concentration on this but it busied my hands, quieted my mind for a little while and wasn’t, I don’t think an unproductive way to pass a little time.This is not a massive gesture or ominous action, it is a small and simple thing and begins with the slight lifting of a pencil.





Just have fun!


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