One Dance, One Night

Another 5 words poem, this one I quite like.

The 5 words that inspired it were: Tempest, Honest, Ostrich, Happenstance, Ossify

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One Dance, One Night

The click of heels,
The brush of satin.
A waltzing crescendo ignites the air.
Bodies press, sway and gather,
A tentative step onto a polished floor.

Temperature rises,
Swelled by movement and excitement.
Unforeseeable developments,
Endless possibilities,
What may lie ahead.
Sparking passion, stirring courage,
A hand extends, a connection instantly made.

Entwined but distant traveling round together,
A pair of figures, strangers to each other,
Lost in rhythm, the heated commotion,
A twitch begins to tickle the corner of my mouth.
A smile takes possession, spurred by genuine emotion,
The satisfaction of being held, spun and twirled about.

A brief reprieve, reluctant yet welcome separation,
A fan of ostrich feathers flurries, beats the air.
Patterns that gleam and reflect like emeralds,
Romance; the chase, taking a chance,
Hopeful sapphire spheres dart and glitter in the softly flickering light.

Above the vibrant plumage fringe I see you,
Frozen in place,
A statue in tuxedo so still you seem to ossify beneath my gaze.
Your eyes search mine; find something there that stirs you,
I see a change, a decision surely made.
What fixed you solid can no longer hold you.

So quickly a breath is hardly taken, you close the distance.
A shallow bow, a gracious invitation wordlessly conveyed.
As sudden as thunder crashes, the tempest recommences.
You pull me to you;
I brace myself in your arms against the throng that surrounds.

Together we step into the blurring colours that whirl and laugh,
Glide in arcs around us,
One couple among many,
One dance in a programme,
Eyes for no one else.

Happenstance or fated circumstance.
An unexpected encounter in a crowded room.
One simple moment, the beginning of what is to follow.

A connection created, an excitement felt and returned.
Silent start, pure and honest attraction,
A pair of spinning bodies, lost to each other,
Dancing deep into a moonlit night.


This is a little glimpse at what I imagined in my mind when I was writing this, the type of scenario I was inspired by and a small insight into the glittering world I often long for an wish held a stronger influence over today. Specifically in writing this I imagined a darkened room, winter and candle lit, the crush of bottles, the vibrancy and desperation at a social gathering and all that accompanied such an event. I then also kept seeing this scene in the opulence and setting of the past but with flashes and transitions to the present and how it may look if it occurred now, with myself amidst the attendees, occasion as elaborate as if it were 1890 but with the more open and forward manners of today. Attraction and action, the dance of modern dating, just with gowns and men in black tie, which I am all about.

The title of this watercolor painting is Hofball in Wien (Court Ball in Vienna). It is also sometimes referred to as Vienna Waltz. It was painted in 1900 by Wilhelm Gause. It may be seen in the Historisches Museum der Stadt Wien (Historical Museum of the City of Vienna). Vienna, Austria.


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