Rocky Horror

Sometimes wearing make-up can become predictable, dare I say a little boring. Given the opportunity and occasion to embrace my inner most drag queen I will seize the chance to be as over the top and dramatic as my inner most desires long for daily. Attending a screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show invariably involves costume, elaborately intense make-up and props, movie inspired props and accompanying character inspired attitudes. The result of such inspiration and occasion is as follows.


My sister and I attended the screening and as it was a last minute decision unfortunately didn’t make the most eccentric appearance. However we each played to our own strengths, her in insanely short, fire red hot pants making her legs appear to never end and me, well I channeled my inner Morticia Adams. Maeve is all legs and embracing it while i seize the opportunity to don fishnets and layer on with a heavy hand some pretty graphic eyeliner


The show was expectedly wonderful and nutty. We sang, danced, threw rice and toast, a general unconventionally exceptional good time. Afterwards Maeve and I went to a near by bar, too wound up to let the night end just yet. Walking in it is safe to say we did not blend in and I loved every confused look, disapproving glance and searching for explanation furrow in a brow. The whole night had a feeling of Halloween and personally I the approaching holiday is my favourite of the year so getting to almost have a mini, early version made me very happy. Clearly to the external observer we were something of a spectacle but to me the entire night and event was my idea of a frivolous, freeing and generally great, inner diva expressing, sister binding time. God I love being Morticia. Pale and proud I say. If you enjoy it, go for it, you may receive a few glance but all the better that way not only you will remember the fun.



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