Limerick Life with Music

“Where words fail, music speaks.”- Hans Christian Andersen

Joey Ryan 10/09/2014


I met Joey through my sister in Cork a few years ago now. In the short time I’ve known him it seems things just keep getting busier and better for him. He has released his music through collaboration with Silverwood Music and is touring now not only constantly in Ireland but also is adding destinations like Germany to his repertoire. The single’Stay Strong’ was released in conjunction with Breast Cancer Ireland to raise awareness and much needed funds for this fantastic organisation. All sales of the single will be donated to the charity, its a beautiful track and a lovely effort that I am in full support of. This single made it to number 2 on the iTunes rock chart, a massive personal and professional achievement for the trio and an accomplishment to be proud of.


Recently Joey and the band (Paul Dowling – Bass, Ben Cooper – Drums) stopped in Limerick for a gig in Cobblestones, one of my favourite spots in Limerick and the venue for both events I’m talking about today. Playing an enjoyable and varying mix of upbeat and heartfelt acoustic, true to their rock n’roll influences the performance was very stripped back and comfortable lending itself to a very laid back evening and a welcome reprieve mid week for my sister and I. Admittedly my sister knows these boys well however it still does not deter her from turning into a complete fan-girl, singing along and enthralled by each raspy word. To be fair she is nothing if not supportive but honestly when one particular song was played you couldn’t pull her attention from the stage with a tow truck. Here’s a look at some of Joeys most recent music:


Jon Gomm 18/09/2014


Jon Gomm, what do I say? This admittedly was not a name I was particularly familiar with until a friend mentioned him in passing one day then many days later again brought up the name this time attached to an invite to a gig. I live in a small town so honestly if something comes up, especially if there is a little buzz behind it I will go even if simply to satisfy curiosity and nothing else. This time however after reviewing who it was I had agreed to pay to see I began myself to become a fan and await his performance with excitement. When I met my friend, who had spent hours at a workshop with Jon prior to the gig, the mood was like nothing I could have certainly predicted or have experienced before. Jon uses a single acoustic guitar to create drum sounds, bass lines and melodies simultaneously, his songs draw on a range of influences and styles including blues, soul, rock and even metal. As he with shoes removed stepped calmly up on stage, reflectively the audience also fell slowly and then completely into a silent, expectant and respectful state. His entire almost 2 hour set was captivating, at times humorous as Jon retold his origins and background, poking fun at his past and giving small insights into the inspiration behind his songs. Contrary to this jovial tone then was the gravity and passion behind his music, I was floored by how mesmerizing it is to watch live someone so impressively create sounds that in no way should be able to come from one instrument and one man. I was awed by the tranquility Jon possesses in his music and how totally engrossed he becomes when he begins to play. This obviously is a powerful emotion that emanates from the stage and took hold of the audience. There was almost a reverence to the gig, a hush the fell as each song began, it was truly special and really enjoyable. As I sat tall on my high stool amidst the small crowd gathered that night, lite by candlelight and in the presence of people sharing a dignified admiration for this singularly talented individual I was soothed by the atmosphere and honest enjoyment those gathered were creating and relaxing in. It was one of the most enjoyable gigs I’ve been too, certainly unique onto itself and definitely memorable. Have a listen for yourself.



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