Bathed in moonlight,
Transfixed by a still and quiet night.

Beams of brightness casting shadows,
Fixing features on an inky canvas,
Framing landscapes of silhouetted horizons.

Clouds creep and stalk across the open sky,
Cast a veil over illumination,
Craft a low, mysterious hue,
Shift the mood, sharpen silence.

Softened haze, cloud created cover,
A temporary lull to a revealing light.

All around seemingly frozen,
Icy glare shines from an all seeing sphere.
Calm not to be mistaken for inactivity,
Subtle sounds of life and freedom trickle through.

Flutters, wings, whispers carried on the breeze,
Breath and buzz, crunch and scurry,
A pair of glowing disks appear and vanish.
Reminders of perceptions illusion.

Tall forested soldiers guard the peripheral,
Box in my thoughts,
Root my mind, my being, my body.

Constant is the moon, guardian eternal.
Distant but feelingly connected,
Overseer and maintainer of ebb and flow.

On nights like these I think I might just glimpse my path,
Catch sight of the journey, the direction intended for me,
Yet it is not certain, it is shadowed, growing,
Wandering, weaving, an ever-changing trail,
Can’t be captured, pined down or dissected,
Not even by the piercing eye of celestial light.

Still I sit in silence and sense a clarity,
Feel the power of a creating radiance.

Life is contradiction and so too is the night,
where in a ball of brightness can sit against the absence of light.


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