A streak of Competition


There is this little know fact that competitiveness is not always perceivable upon first introduction to a person. It can be as concealed as the inner thoughts of a trained poker player, hidden yet active, simmering below the surface. A recent go karting excursion with some work colleagues proved to be very insightful. What was initially entered into as a fun bonding and light hearted evening activity was quickly revealed to be in fact a high stakes, in it to win it grand prix. I will not pretend to be so easy going as to not have been caught up in the atmosphere of competition, I am in all honestly a highly competitive person. Driven by a lifetime of dance, I have developed a personality that thrives off of competition, the challenge of rivalry and the adrenaline of the chase and battle. Healthy, blood pumping excitement like this not only fuels you to push yourself also I observed last night, instigates a change in group dynamic and a revelation of honest personalities. In these kinds of situations, when people are pushed to their limits, the pressure in on and pride is at stake, true personalities surface involuntarily regardless of attempts at concealment, it cannot be helped that who you are, how you instinctively react to pressure and the tournament will be seen by all. We raced, we overtook, fell behind, laughed, cheered and made tires squeal. There was such an uplifting feel to the evening, a sense that in the midst of madness there was a coming together, a bonding as was intended. You can’t help but from the side lines encourage and engage in the races of your comrades, hold your breath and they battle for position, talk strategy when they step off the track, tease and joke about pole positions. It was fun and what better association to have with an experience like this than to leave feeling as though you have had FUN. Competition doesn’t have to be a dirty word. Sure in some people it can bring out a harsher side but all in all it is a fuel, it sparks and pushes and as simple an example as this go karting night out is it served to show me for one and to remind me not only of how competitive I am how much I enjoy the game but also how a little competition can bring people together not push them apart.


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