Postmodern Jukebox

I know I tend to be the type to feel out of time regularly, overly partial to a good black and white film and long for the romance and feel good, carefree abandon that seems to emulate, ooze from a bygone time. I know a lot of my particular traits regarding film and music are not for all but this I think is the expectation. If this happens to be your first exposure to the musical talent I am about to present I will be a little surprised but mostly pleased to introduce you to a truly magical, creative and fun group of people who are putting style and flare into current chart music. I heard their latest creation and as always feel in love but also had the biggest smile. It is so amazingly different and nostalgically sexy accompanied by humor and lyrical hilarity. Its astounding what a change of rhythm can do to a song and how, as it were transporting a tune back in time can breath new life and result in a totally unique creation. Here for you pleasure is the original and the reinvasioned ‘All about that bass’ :


Postmodern Jukebox:

Please check out the ‘Postmodern Jukebox’ on YouTube, you will not be disappointed. A lot of thes songs they cover I like originally and love when turned upside down and lit on fire (on particular video will explain this). I like my music diverse and emotive, I like it to make me feel and I like it to be created with passion. I could never pick a genre of music and classify it as my taste, I’m not a music aficionado, all I know is when I hear some of these guys music, I smile, I sway and I’m reminded that being creative and being passionate is key to making something special and I think they guys make something really special.


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