You never know until….

You know
That touch that doesn’t quite make contact
That stare that lingers a moment too long
That comment that caress at a compliment
That bashful attempt to hide and not be revealed

You know
When you sit a while and talk with someone
When words pour out and inner truths cannot be concealed
When vulnerability becomes an attractive quality
When self-doubt is abandoned and you can’t quite sit still

You know
You can tell someone’s intentions by the tilt and angle of their smile
You can see curiosity shift to flirtation by the shimmer in their eye
You can sense a change in conversational momentum
You can feel the beginnings of something, an electricity, the longing behind a sigh

You know
There’s not much that can be done without interaction
There’s little to be gained without a risk being made
There’s no reward for fear or uncompleted impulse
There can only be success when a gamble against failure is played

You know
There’s no doubt this life is fickle and full of uncertainty
There’s little that can be predicted, controlled or guaranteed
There’s is so much ambiguity that when solidity is presented
There needs to be a chance taken, a leap made

You know
We never truly discover until we allow ourselves to see
We never feel until we acknowledge the good and bad
We never grow without flux, failure and triumph
We can never be ourselves without living in and for each day

You know there is a world full of unknowns and a world of opportunities awaits


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