Los Angeles-based artist Alexa Meade is the unique, imaginative and incredibly talented visionary behind the creations you are about to see. She captures magic through a lens and merges a range of artistic skills to produce spectacular pieces of art. Using acrylic paints she transforms her models skin in such that trickery comes to mind. In fact it is pure talent and a singular unbelievable ability to flatten a living, breathing person into a two dimensional painting without losing the honesty or humanity of the person in the process.

See her work below and just keep reminding yourself that every one of these is an actual live person, it is really impressive and beautiful to behold. A sort of haunting, colourful characterization of real people simply posing in an unusual situation and a little covered in paint….


d9777daa-d22e-4f66-95ac-e01901973d44_medium 0541ee81-9c8d-4c17-a9c3-e9edc1566b43_medium


e9e691fb-0658-4c8b-9089-172b506590e0_medium 693c83fc-8036-428c-afd9-783c2fbb509a_medium 5f9caeff-1203-478b-9b85-a3c289c5d403_medium








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