Working 9-6…..

As it would happen I have been jotting down notes on this little ramble in a notebook I also used only two months ago to write last min study notes pre final university exams. The contrast between my life such a short time ago and now is unimaginable. Only two months ago I was living in Cork, attending university, academically immersed in all things health and nutrition, slaving over four years worth of material in desperation to survive the last hurdle ahead, final exams. Cut to now, I have returned home to Clare, I have found an incredible job in Limerick, I am in a position I would never have imagined or pictured myself in but am finding I am surprisingly suited for. This turn of events is the very definition of you never know what is ahead and you cannot plan for what your life will become or where you are headed.
It has been a whirlwind, I was offered an unbelievable opportunity I almost feel like I fell into, numbly agreed to and now after a settling in period of three full weeks am in a position to look at what has unfolded and what lies ahead with amazement, excitement, pride, satisfaction and nervous anticipation.
The first two weeks were grueling, I feel so fortunate to be working for the company I am; and I do speak from experience but I can’t  imagine that too many places would allow its employees the time and freedom I have been given to slowly find my feet and really get my head around my new and very foreign to me situation. I have been given such responsibility it is all at once intimidating, daunting and exhilarating. I so badly want to do well, an integral fault in my matrix, the constant desire for perfection that fights against the very lazy hippy within me on a daily basis. I acknowledge that I can be both tightly wound and zealously eager to be of use, to be helpful. Contrary to this then I find at times when it becomes overwhelming I have a tendency to become quiet and lethargic, introverted and for my new position especially far to easy going. It is constantly said in situations such as these that balance is key and how true this appears to be. Over time, through different personal experiences and jobs I have had and lessons I have learnt I think I have finally come to a point where I can recognize in myself the need to pace things, to find a rhythm in the day to day and breath, to look openly and perform to my capabilities but not to lose myself along the way. I have acknowledged the need to encourage positivity and seek enjoyment from what I do. The need not to become complacent and unappreciative. This new chapter is a long road, this is my journey now. I have made the move from education, at last and now embark on this exploration of who I am and discovery of what I am truly capable of.

Here’s a little insight into some other aspects of my new working life.

A big adjustment has been getting back into a schedule, making a lunch, planning ahead, looking polished not scruffy student anymore and also managing to maximize my evening after I finish work for the day. I do enjoy eating well and I think contrary to popular belief a working lifestyle can actually be conducive to healthy eating if you put a little effort in. By making sure I have fresh fruit and for example some dark chocolate rice cakes or nuts and dried fruit I know I’ll have some good snacks to bring to work. Then for my lunches its all about being prepared, like this pasta salad. Left over pasta tossed with whatever raw vegetables I could find quickly in the morning and some pesto, super quick, satisfying and healthy.

DSC_0552   DSC_0560


Also with such early starts having a morning prep routine that is quick and effective is so important to me. With wildly curly hair sometimes a plait is the best solution and creates a professional and put together look, with the help of a handful of pins, I promise though this creation only involved two braids and a very few strategically placed pins, much quicker and easier than it appears, adding to the impressiveness I feel. To make myself look awake at an ungodly hour I turn to concealer and mascara, keeping the rest minimal I’m then, well after the addition of clothing, ready for the day.

DSC_0563                 DSC_0569

Getting outdoors is another way to try to achieve balance and enjoy this life I’m leading to the fullest. When I am feeling fit I am feeling strong, confident and energized. I like to mix up my routine and keep things unpredictable, zumba is a current favourite and last night my class had a view to be excited about. One of the perks of returning to Limerick is definitely Thomond Park.


This is only the beginning, literally it is only week four so what comes next, I will have to write tomorrow. Stay tuned.


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