Herby Summer Polenta

This arose honestly from a combination of the few things that were in my cupboards, garden and fridge. This was an unexpected, bright, intense and satisfying success. The crisp flavorful vegetables and chickpeas against smooth, creamy, cheesy, herb infused polenta was an absolutely wonderful meal for one and what a happy one I was after a meal like this.



1 carrot
1/4 courgette
1/3 green pepper
1/2 red onion
small can chickpeas
small clove garlic
fresh chili to personal taste
fresh thyme sprig
salt and pepper

This was so simple, as was the entire meal really. I sautéed all the vegetables together until just softened and only hinting at gaining colour. For the last few minutes of cooking I added all aromatics, the garlic, chili, seasoning and herbs. This was all that was necessary here and produced a really deeply flavored dish that gave real depth to the meal.


100ml milk
100ml water
bay leaf
sprig of fresh thyme
few pieces of fresh rosemary
small clove garlic mashed
50g polenta
25g young hard goats cheese/ parmesan
black pepper

To begin, I warmed the milk and water together with the herbs and garlic and let them infuse and the vegetables cooked. Once the vegetables were near done I brought the liquids to a simmer and using a whisk stirred a steady stream of polenta into the pot until it was nicely thickened and the grain well softened. To finish I added seasoning and softly combined the cheese, personally goats cheese is my go to and created a luscious, smooth, soft polenta.

The full dish:

To serve I spread the polenta on the centre of the plate and tumbled the vegetables and chickpeas over adding a final sparse sprinkle of cheese on top to complete. Tucking into this the combination of herbs and spice really warmed and comforted me without being heavy or wintery. It embraced the lightness and colour of summer and I think with the flavors captured the punch and vitality of Summer.


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