Yesterday I was lucky enough to be part of an exciting project. It gave me the opportunity to unleash my inner most glam side and do a full on, strong and luxurious make-up look. The theme of the project was gems and jewels so naturally my look needed to channel this in some way. I choose to go with gold and emerald eye shadows and pair it with ruby red lips. I was so happy with the result and although its is definitely a bold look, overly dramatic for the occasions purposes I think it was really flattering and made a strong statement, something I like my make-up to do. It was so much fun allowing myself to go further creatively than I usually get the chance to and also to turn up the volume with colour and drama in my look. Apologies for my attempt at photographing the result, I currently only have a camera on my phone to use so the quality isn’t great but hopefully it will give an idea as to the shape of the look and the mood it created.



What I did to achieve this:

I began with my usual foundation routine with a basic matte contour and kept my base really simple, there is enough going on everywhere else. For eyes I started with three different matte browns to shade and create a gradiating cut crease to map out my eye shape and add dimension. Then using a silver paint pot I dabbed this on the centre of my lid and patted the emerald green over, the paint pot helped secure and intensify the green colour. I closed in the outer corner with my medium/dark matte brown and blended it into the crease and up a little to fade it out. Then I popped a really pretty and in person high impact glittering yellow gold in the inner corner as well as a soft nude, champagne color on the tear duck again to highlight. I tight lined my upper lash line black and drew a very think line with a small flick on the lash line, this just brought the shadows together more and also the flick was done as personally I think it suits my eye shape best and I like how it finishes a look off, sultry I think would be a good word. I also think a well shaped brow adds to the finish and just makes the look more polished so shape to suit your face, every one is unique. Lashings of mascara is all I did for this but false lashes of course would make it even more intense. Lips then were just lined and using my current favourite red I double layered this luscious ruby colour on my lips to complete the look. To top it all off, diamonds of course, definitely a girls best friend.



Without the red lips the eyes are still effective but it is a much more demure look and personally I loved it so much more all together as a vivid statement.

DSC_0569 - Copy     DSC_0678


Here for anyone interested are the main products used and an idea of what they look like.


DSC_0562 Mac- Omega (lightest brown used)

DSC_0552 DSC_0553 Urban Decay: Vice 2- Rewind (medium shade brown)

DSC_0556  DSC_0555 Urban Decay: Vice 1- Desperation (dark matte brown)

DSC_0551   DSC_0550 Urban Decay: Vice 2- Damaged

DSC_0558 (unfortunately I have this so long I have no idea what brand it is, loose shimmer gold powder)

DSC_0561 Maybelline- Big Eyes liner


DSC_0567 L’Oreal Color Riche- 297 Red Passion


I’d love to know what you think and if this kind of post is interesting? I really enjoyed  creating this look I hope you gleam some enjoyment from it too.


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