Toying with Tofu

Todays main meal involved some experimentation. I acquired some tofu and although I am quite found of it as an ingredient unfortunately I don’t use it very often and so my repertoire of tofu inclusive recipes is pretty limited.

Here is what I came up with today, sticking close to my comfort zone to start and gathering some inspiration from good old Google; I made a marinade of soy, fresh ginger, sesame oil, chili flakes and honey for the tofu. This I have to say I was impressed with, although a little sweet for my taste, next time I would tweak the ratios, the result was sticky, spicy and a modest, ‘good place to start’ success. I served this with some plain boiled brown basmati rice, here now next time I would like to inject some more flavor. Also I served some quickly sautéed red pepper, carrot, spring onion and fresh chili, sprinkled with sesame seeds. I enjoyed this veggie mix and it added a welcome crunch to my meal.

I felt good about this meal and reasonably healthy digging in. All in all tofu and I have a relationship now that can only improve. Next time I want to add more punch and really intensify the flavors. I know it can be done and I look forward to the undoubtedly interesting experiments to come.



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