Personal Space

My room can probably be summed up by this photo. It is me, what I love and what has driven my room to look as it does. This is my room in my parents house and we have lived there for 12 years now so this room has very much evolved over time and as you can imagine accumulated quite a lot of not only things and clutter but also memories and treasures.


The sheer volume of what can only be described as hoarding was a little out of control and so I was forced to embark on a several day long journey of sorting through the collection I had made of my life and release the thing I simply did not need but up until this point had held onto. I should mention that a lot of the unnecessary things I had stored and tucked away steam from a fear of losing something, of forgetting or being forgotten. In my early childhood and right up until this house my family never spent very long in one place and the result of this was that tiny little me clung to what ever I could in the various moves to document that point in my life and keep hold of myself I guess.


It was very entertaining to go through all this and see what I had deemed critically important and worth saving at the various stages of my life and through the different moves. It brought back so many memories, reminded me of stories and events, I read old cards, letters, diaries, looked through printed photos I forgot I had or had taken. It was a really difficult process but also a sweet and reflective journey. A suitably poignant event for this particular crossroads point in my life and cleansing for transition to the next.

DSC_0557I haven’t painted my room in between 6-8 years and so the adornments displayed on the walls are reflective of mostly the past but also my inner most self. I recently thought about painting the room, departing my the girly pink I once loved and now have outgrown but then when I weighted this against the memories and time pasted on those walls, the dreams, ambitions and memories it doesn’t seem worth it. Id prefer to have it as is than have a fresh, bare paint job. So these are my walls, overbearing and covered but I love them none the less. There are definite ‘zones’ to the room I suppose, and especially now its cleared completely I think once I buy a few tiny finishing touches, perhaps a corner chair for the guitar and some other bits this plan will be even clearer. I am happy with what was revealed once the clutter was removed and although it feels foreign to me right now and quite empty I know its just an adjustment and it suits me better for who I am now while still keeping that younger, always dreaming part too.

I did days worth of organizing, completely emptying every single drawer and shelf, taking every shred from DSC_0565my wardrobe and only returning them to shelves once I had a plan and ergonomic system decided upon. Now everything has a place and storage is not just a dark mass of random pieces but a neat and accessible, functional thing.

One goal of mine starting this was to make a drastic change from how I sorted my jewelry. It was embarrassing, I had my more expensive and ‘good’ jewelry all in separate boxes, within two shoeboxes, under my bed. This meant that these items were mostly forgotten and rarely escaped their boxes. The rest of the jewelry was all balled together in various small containers, a jumbled and unsecure mess. Detangling the necklaces alone took a serious amount of time. I am still not in a situation where this is exactly how I want to store it all but for now I am delighted with the upgrade and change and think it has worked out very well. I went to a hardware store, bought two standard hardware and s=fishing container and with a little work customized them to meet my needs. Using the honestly ridiculous amount of individual jewelry boxes I had kept, the containers I bought each piece in, I made inserts for the new mass storage boxes. I took the padding in the little boxes, measured it to fit each little section and cut it to make a cushion for my jewelry and also some protection against the crude but functional storage device. It worked out so well, I was even able to as is insert some ring cushions and some earing cushions to store some pieces even more precisely. I am so pleased with this little DIY job and it is working out so well so what I want and in total cost me 4 euro!!


DSC_0567    DSC_0576


This project and complete renovation took about 3-4 days of pretty intense and emotional purging and cleaning but in the end, now that it is done and a new room altogether is before me I am so glad I got up the courage and will to finally do it and I think I have definitely been rewarded for my work with a sanctuary and organized haven, a personal and personally organized space I am proud of. A space just for me.





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