Hottest day of the year (in Ireland)

I am not capable of handling heat, my body does not seem to understand what it is experiencing. Hot, pleasant, rain free weather is a foreign and cruel concept to most Irish people. We like the idea but when reality hits we quickly discover it is not such a comfortable thing. I love the look of sunshine, the light, growth and joy it brings. However as a vampirically and proudly pale being I do not enjoy basking in the sun as many do. I am more suited to cool shade and the company of a good book. I enjoy the time of day when the breeze brings relief, there is an angle to the descending sun and a stillness in the air.

Here is a little collection of the sunshine and me from food to surroundings to summer inspired make-up.


I am in love with strawberries at this time of the year, sweet and fresh, cool from the fridge, just delicious.


Is there a better time than the Summer to play with colour and have fun with make-up? Bright, pretty eye shadow and soft, girly colours are for me the epitome of Summer and the mood it brings.


I devoured this book. Purposely slowing my usual reading pace to savor the experience but still finished it with an emotional urgency and a hunger for more. I know there is great publicity surrounding this book at the moment and usually I tend to avoid things that get that kind of attention but this situation however I would have been a fool to ignore such a marvel. When I finished this book I had been crying constantly for the last few chapters, felt completely exhausted  and totally in love with the genius that I was holding in my hands. I am captivated by John Greens voice and vision and so impressed by what he created. Even though I was thoroughly distressed upon completing the book and genuinely heartbroken I had the feeling of stumbling upon something precious, something I would cherish and return to. In my opinion reading and especially reading books this impactful is a fantastic and gratifying way to spend some summer time.


On very hot days, a salad is a go to must do meal. Here I combined together some roasted butternut squash, red onion and chickpeas that were room temperature, prepared in advance or sometimes I use left overs from the day before. This is especially good if on a hot day you don’t want to be turning the oven on and adding more heat to the equation. I piled these veg on top of some pesto tossed salad leaves. Topped with some balsamic roasted beetroot also a leftover and finished by crumbling some soft goats cheese on the top. So tasty and vertically effort free, today that is, which worked out perfectly to suit my sun coma mood.


Lastly as the sun began to move down the sky and the light shifted to a less abrasive angle, I wandered in our garden always a favourite thing to do of mine when the weather is fine. Flowers in bloom and colours illuminated to their fullest adding an extra layer of majesty to an already breathtaking sight.


White lilies and lush green grass, the view before me tonight. It is a times like this that I fully appreciate how beautiful my home is and the difference a little bit of light can make not just to my surroundings but also to my perception and my mood.


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