Helping Rapunzel

This post will serve mostly as a testament to the bravery and beauty of my little sister Emily. Today she courageously, most of us can acknowledge that cutting off 15 inches of ones hair is a daunting and intimidating undertaking, donated her hair to the Rapunzel Foundation.


It was an honestly a profoundly touching experience and she was positive and excited throughout despite the drastic transformation a smile never faltered from her face. Our grandmother who had received her forth round of chemotherapy treatment this morning accompanied us with our mother and my baby sister. I stood purely as a humbled spectator and trigger happy photograph to document this selfless gesture and heartwarming experience. Emily is someone who has always been very proud of her hair. Most girls I’m sure and indeed most people at that can attest to the reality that our hair is integral to our sense of self. It is a powerful thing, our hair. It identifies us, differentiates us, hides us and at times carries the weight of our past, with each new centimeter of growth it continues our life story. To in one sitting remove so much of this living part of yourself is no small thing. People gathered as the scissors appeared, I think mostly from a sense of awe, a feeling of wanting to witness. I am so proud of my sister and hold so much respect for her for doing this and also for raising a substantial amount of money for this wonderful foundation. Cancer has touched several members of my family and as I mentioned is still very much a part of our lives. Being a part of the process of providing a means of returning a sense of self to someone, helping give confidence and strength through the provision of hair, a basic and simple thing is really phenomenal to me and felt momentous today. It was a really emotional day for me personally and to have my grandmother there, to see her watch my sister do this and to share in the experience was something I will never forget. As we left the salon an anonymous woman who had been a fellow spectator approached us and made a generous donation to the foundation. This kind act reminded me how full of compassion people can be and how eager we are as humans to help and be good when given the opportunity. Perhaps sometimes we wait a little too long for opportunity and should instead make our own circumstances to better our world a little at a time. That is how I see what Emily did today. It is a tiny act in the grand scheme of things but it took courage and it was important, it will impact someone else’s live and do good. Emily inspired me today and I loved her all the more for it.

Take a look at Emilys journey today.












IMG_7319   IMG_7324



An honestly beautiful person inside and out.


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