Delicious Accidents

It has happened to us all. Cooking is a temperamental thing and sometimes things just don’t go to plan. Such was the case when in my house pastry was being blind baked for quiches and lets just say they we forgotten about. The result was quite crisp and brown pastry cases, just shy of that cruel word, burnt. This then called for a slight change of plan as making a quiche would require these already well done cases to return to the oven and that would not make of a good cooking outcome. At this point I was called in, consultations ensued and it was decided new cases would be made for the quiches and I would take the, not exactly quiche suitable cases and devise an alternative use for them. My first thought was to make a lemon tart, quick, fitting for the situation and a favourite of mine. This however did not happen as I was out voted and a demand for chocolate spurred me to ditch the lemons and pick up the double cream and dark chocolate.

The result of this improvisation was one large rich and luscious dark chocolate tart that required no further baking just time to set in the fridge.


I did also have a little bit of the chocolate tart mix left over after I filled the pastry case and so being of the mentality that nothing must be wasted I tossed some raspberries in the bottom of a ramekin, covered then with the mixture and topped with chopped almonds. Admittedly I should have toasted my almonds but in the rush and bustle I forgot. Non the less this little pot was delicious, the tart raspberries with the crunch of the nuts really cut through the incredibly rich chocolate mix. I have to say this turned out really well and was decadently delicious.

DSC_0379     DSC_0383

Also in the process of making these desserts, the chocolate mix required four eye yolks and that meant I was left with four egg whites. Once again I couldn’t let this go to waste and so I beat them with some sugar and baked indulgent but so light meringues that we chewy sugar delights.

DSC_0366               DSC_0369

Cooking mishaps happen its how you handle it that counts and dictates whether at the end you have something to eat or not. Don’t let a little mistake or mini disaster deter you or spoil cooking for you. It happens to everyone and the best thing is that no matter what happens, if what your making burns, turns out not tasting great or in the process never makes it to the plate you can always try again and next time maybe be wiser of some danger area in a recipe or discover an adjustment you could make to a method that might improve your outcome. Its a process and its fun, enjoy what your doing, no one is perfect, breath and remember you are making food, its about pleasure and satisfaction, even if you end up not enjoying the resulting product at least be sure to enjoy the process.


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