Food Fun

This made me very happy today. A collection of some of my favourite things, colourful, flavourful and piled together on one plate of radiant goodness. Delicious.


Here are the components of each section on this wonderful, jam packed plate:

(working clockwise from the top)


Halved baby mozzarella balls.

Fresh salad leaves, drizzled with olive oil and a little squeeze of lemon.

Couscous with roasted vegetables,

Sliced sweet pepper stuffed green olives.

Sautéed carrot, asparagus, baby broccoli, red onion and red chili.

Roast beetroot, drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

A ring of goats cheese, warmed under the grill, spread with pesto and topped with chopped nuts.


A plate of fresh food, some warm, some cold, all complimenting each other. A great plate you can do so simply with whatever are your personal favorites.  Customized to your taste, make this a convenient dish by using left overs. Make big batches of veggies and salads like this couscous that way putting a plate similar to this together takes no time at all. Food fun.


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