Summer Accessories

Its funny how a brightening in light can a lift your mood and transform how we present ourselves. For me Summer represents fun and a time to embrace vivid colours and try new things.


Straight away I transition to bright nails and pops of colourful charm to add interest to my wardrobe.


When the Summer begins even though I am very fair a little bronzer goes a long way to help brighten my complexion and instantly adds a suggestion of sunshine. A copper and gold look with softly tinted lips is my go too easy Summer make-up look, simple and glowing. I think this is flattering all year round with my eye colour and when the Summer hits I intensify these colours and just brighten everything to show that the Summer has arrived and my make-up makes that very clear.


I recently got this pretty mint and gold necklace that is so delicate it quietly adds a subtle nod to the beginning of better weather and the dismissal of heavy, darker accessories and the weight of winter.


Last Summer I bought this gorgeous headband that is so colourful and flirty it instantly makes any outfit Summer worthy and makes me smile when I wear it.


Being a person blessed with exceedingly curly hair the Summer is a time when my hair can become a real burden. Always a fan of a high bun, the Summer just means that this convenient hairdo now has function too, helping to keep me cool.

DSC_0360 (2)

Embrace the Summer and let yourself free, express your emotions with colour and flare and enjoy the warming weather to the fullest.


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