Sun, Sea and Cinema

Let me show you my day.


Beginning bright and early at home base, my sister being employed by a summer camp and in need of doing some promotion work asked me to keep her company on a little trip through Clare to spread the word and pass out copious amounts of flyers. We hit the road, windows down, wind in our hair, sun on our faces, music lifting our spirits and sisterly company creating laughter to chime the air. We stopped, she jumped out of the car, ran into schools and centers leaving posters and flyer laden bystanders in her wake.

DSC_0355 DSC_0356

After completing a check list of destinations and finding ourselves in need of a visit to a family favourite seaside town, Kilkee we drove the short distance off course and it was beyond worth it. Settling in a chair outside ‘The Strand’ restaurant, glistening blue sea in front of us and crystal clear sky above we passed some very relaxing time lounging and delighting in a lunch together. Sitting beside the sea on a day such as this inspires a stillness where you are just overcome by your surroundings and sit contently, blissfully, appreciatively enjoying the day.



Returning to the car we began the return journey in no particular hurry simply relishing the day. After a quick refuel and collection of another sister and our mother we then headed to neighboring Limerick and sat down to embark on the adventure that is the story of ‘Maleficent’. Angelina Jolie is magnificent and I was in awe of the visual effects, especially the make-up, unsurprisingly. All in all the movie was entertaining, wonderfully humorous and fantastically overtly dramatic.


Once again in the car following the spectacle of the cinema and after emerging from the darkened cinema, the quietly beautiful change in light caught my eye. The sun just beginning to dull, clinging to the rims of clouds, grasping at the day seemed reflective of my mood and reluctance to see the end of such a summery, memorable and family bonding packed day.


A day mostly spend driving and in a transient mood but due to the company and encouragement of the sunshine it was a blissful day, a well traveled day and defiantly a day where time was maximized and the hours of light utilized to its fullest.



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