Crayon Creations

Artist Diem Chau creates miniature, delicate sculptures from unusual mediums. Here is a collection entitled “A-Z: Northwest Natives.” carved out of crayons and lead. Tiny and exquisitely detailed these mini beauties combine incredible talent and childhood nostalgia to create something really special.

Here is Diem’s Northwest animals of the alphabet:

A is for Aquilegia, B is for Bald Eagle, C is for Cougar, D is for Dogwood, E is for Elk, F is for Fox, G is for Grizzly, H is for Heron, I is for Iris, J is for Juniper, K is for Killer Whale, L is for Lynx, M is for Mountain Goat, N is for Northern Spotted Owl, O is for Otter, P is for Painted Turtle, Q is for The Quinault Tribe, R is for Rhododendron, S is for Salmon, T is for Timberwolf, U is for Urchin, V is for Viola, W is for Wolf Eel, X is for Xanthogrammica (or giant green anemone) Y is for Yuma myotis (vesper bat), and Z is for Zapus princeps (the Western jumping mouse).

Watch as they come to colourful life. I think I would have been much more enthused to learn the alphabet as a child if I had these.










Beautiful creativity, a skill of patience to be sure.







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