We all know there are times, often silent unspoken-about times when we turn to a sweet treat in a moment of need. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing, why deprive yourself. I’m a firm believer in listening to my body and if it tells me to make pancakes, I make pancakes.

A big jug of sticky, tart and fresh blueberry syrup is the perfect, in my mind accompaniment to light and fluffy, American pancakes. Its not often I have pancakes and I almost never ever have crepes, I find they don’t like me very much but when I do indulge in some American pancakes my toppings of choice are pretty traditional. Being a small town Irish girl I caught on late to the wonder of blueberry pancakes but when I did I held tight to the idea and haven’t let it go.

If it isn’t a fruit craving that overcomes me, it is usually chocolate, what else. In this case I turn to chunks of dark chocolate scattered through the batter and allowed to melt and ooze as the pancakes cook. I mix some icing sugar and cinnamon, dredge the warm beauties straight from the pan and adorn with a generous shower of chopped pecans.

Life can be too difficult at times to deny yourself simple pleasures within your capability to possess. I’m not saying a pancake will solve everything but sometimes the act of being in the kitchen, the hub and community centre of a home invites unpredictability. Sometimes making something that creates an aroma that calls, draws people to you. Sometimes laughter can be shared over washing dishes on satisfied tummies. Sometimes a break is needed and pancakes are the excuse needed to take one. Sometimes we all need a little warm, sugary love on a plate.



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