Everyday Magic


Something quite magical has been happening at the Columbus College of Art and Design. Two incredibly talented students are creating real beauty and spreading a lot of joy through very the use of the most ordinary of mediums and by performing simple acts of art. The pair who has named themselves Dangerdust, I’m so glad they have i think its wonderfully clever and fun, fitting perfectly with their behavior. The duo sneak into a classroom each week and all is quiet, create undeniably brilliant works of fantasy using chalk and a blackboard alone. Honestly the skill these two must possess is a wonder to behold. Their imaginations sculpt shadow and form on nothing more than a flat black surface with only the mastery of the gentle medium that chalk is to give depth and light to their creations. I was truly astonished by their work and so humbled by how such a simple idea can have a very reaching impact. I’m sure arriving to this at the beginning of an academic day raised more than a few spirits and put smiles on countless faces. Here are some of their magnificent pieces, enjoy.

27-zJxKHhO       28-wOnBuxU

26-fc6mGxu       25-pA0T7Mc

21-Wq86d5y      22-bCw4GAW

09-ioPFDMv   17-A4EHomj   11-2DBhwns

06-5WsoCwe       05-0GLq5vD

15-AwvdzTC  13-r1V37UH  23-2eLtnQY

02-f8Q0vDA      01-LS1WzAr




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