Market Lane

Now here is a restaurant in Cork I have been longing to get to for a very long time. Post exam number 5 my friend and I walked into town on a little relief driven high, chatting and in a generally good mood. Upon arriving in the city after a short but brisk walk, hunger suddenly decided to overcome us. That is one of the very peculiar things about doing exams, sneak attack appetite as I like to call it. You can go all day without any urge for a single morsel of sustenance and then the moment your exam is over, when you have finally left that particular stress behind, bam, student starvation. Experiencing this we spontaneously decided to go for a casual inner city meal and treat ourselves for one evening. After wandering around and reading a few menus, we decided at the beginning of our hunt that we wanted to try somewhere new, we chose Market Lane.

I am truly delighted I finally got to eat here. It is well known to have a mouth watering menu, though slightly on the expensive side, especially for my poor budget but a splurge every now and then is good for the soul and the tummy. We managed to arrive with minutes to spare for the lunch menu so not only did I not break the bank I also was able to indulge a lot more than expected. My meal consisted of baked goats cheese, caramelized pear and spinach on a quinoa and walnut cake with beetroot, orange and rocket. The cake was wonderfully crunchy and packed with a deep nutty flavor, satisfyingly dense with a hearty texture. I am won over instantly by anything advertised as containing goats cheese and the combination here with soft pear, the pop of the quinoa and a sticky tangy balsamic glaze was addictive. We lounged and savored each morsel, I chose to allow myself a glass of wine as a mini reward so the evening was indulgently relaxing. To accompany my meal I ordered a side of roast sweet potato wedges and was so glad I did, a big bowl of hearty sweet potatoes added weight to my meal and worked with the abundance of other flavors before me. Delicious.


Honestly it was exactly what was needed and having the opportunity to spend a little quality time with my friend really boosted my mood and satisfied my growling stomach.


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