Naturally sweet

In the midst of studying and stress sugar cravings can creep up on you with surprising force and distracting determination. Today the an urge for a sweet snack came upon me with all its might. Luckily I had some naturally satisfying sweet ingredients on hand to curb the craving and keep me fueled moving forward with my day.
Rhubarb in my opinion is woefully under appreciated that can create many wonderful and delicious dishes. Stewing rhubarb allows you to maximize its use by not only having a lovely warm, silky soft treat when first cooked but also having the option of storing it for a few days in the fridge and consuming it whenever the desire overcomes you, like I did today. Simply spooned straight from the fridge to bowl, topped with fresh berries and sprinkled with some coconut, this made for one fast, healthy and luscious dish. Rhubarb stewed in a little bit of your preferred sweetener (honey, sugar, agave etc.) allows you to cut the outright bitterness rhubarb can sometimes have but still maintain its signature lip puckering tartness. This paired with fresh, bursting with sweetness strawberries creates a textural and sensory balance that is really enjoyable. If I had had some chopped nuts on hand I would have definitely scattered the dish with them also further adding crunch and nutrition. Really simple, nothing special to look at but satisfying, fueling and naturally sweetly good.



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