Look Up

I have decided to share this video knowing there will be polarizing reactions to it, I still feel it is a beautifully written and delivered piece that has a message. It is powerfully sure of its stance on the topic of social media and its effect on true social interaction. I myself at times am conflicted with certain aspects of this poem however overall I felt it necessary to share because personally I related to the theme and some of the situational examples that were given. I think listening to something like this is not intended to be a means of conversion, it is not trying to force judgment but rather I think it gives voice to one side of an opinion and that is perfectly valid. I will say at the end of the video I found myself to be in a very reflective mood. I don’t think this is ever a bad thing, self evaluation is cleansing, it allows us to grow and evolve emotionally. The only way to be true to yourself in my opinion is to listen to yourself. Feel how certain words are affecting you and internally decide what that means for you and how you live your life.
Recently I experienced something that was mentioned in the video. I will admit that in many ways I found truth to the points that were raised. About two weeks ago I found myself quite alone. I should mention I live with two other students however at the time we were on what is refereed to as ‘study month’ in my university. This is a time pre exams when lectures are over and independent study occurs. Many people choose to go home or adopt lifestyles of long hermitic days, reclusive study sessions and silent isolations. And so I found myself living with two other people but not once in over a week seeing them. That alone is a lonely feeling, on top of this though I do not live near my family, I moved away for university. During this month when roommates become shadows, friends no longer share your schedule and family support is no where near small difficulties are amplified and escalating sense of isolation is created. Then adding to this feeling the pressure of exams I found myself honestly at a crisis point. I had been keeping in contact with people online and talking regularly however the shear lack of physical contact and person to person interaction left me feeling, if I’m brutally honest a little frantic. It was the first time I really understood how different talking and receiving support through technology is to the incomparable reassurance that can be gained from seeing and knowing someone is solidly, visually there with you, beside you. I had never experienced something like this before and that desperate feeling shocked me. I had not realized how badly I needed support that did not come through my laptop until my friend managed to stop by and I broke down. This time is for so many I know one of the most intense and trying times of their university life. Watching this video really reminded me of this feeling. I had felt like I was keeping in contact and that my online relationships were enough to support me but I was wrong and I really had an emotional awakening.
My reaction to the video is all my own and is build from my history and experiences. I can only speak for myself and I am not asking you to even feel one way or the other about it because I don’t, I don’t think I can. Like I said I relate to certain things and have defiantly seen in my life time others but I also know that I am a huge supporter of technology and ambassador for its many benefits. I think sometimes we feel the need to defend social media and at times this is warranted especially I think is fair to say my generation have had to justify and explain a lot of what online social communities and networks are. I think all of this is still in the early days and evolution is needed. There is still so much excitement and novelty around being able to create content online and share it world wide which I think is naturally leading to an intensity and hyper involvement. It takes time to maintain social media but it will also take time to find a balance. I don’t think the answer is complete removal of social communities and a regression to pre technological development but I can see how adjustments are needed and personally a reevaluation of how I use and rely upon technology may be beneficial. One shining advantage to social networks and media sites I think is the ability to create discussion and share ideas and viewpoints. All I ask is that you watch the video. I believe in freedom of opinion and the validity of your own reaction. Your opinion is shaped by your experiences and beliefs and that is individual. For me I instantly had a reaction and then as I continued watching I formed an internal dialogue from my experiences that assessed what I was hearing and seeing. Upon conclusion of the video I really evaluated what I had seen. I found at times the message to be too overbearing but generally I think it came from a well intended place and that is why after watching it I was able to take something away. What that was is unique to me and perhaps you take away nothing, perhaps this mans opinion angers you or perhaps you agree completely. That is for you to decide and you to do what you want with. Discussion is cathartic, we are creatures that live on interaction and are blessed with intelligence allowing in my opinion constant growth. I use writing like this as a way to communicate thoughts and share things that sometime I feel wouldn’t be heard by those in my immediate radius. I deeply appreciate being able to cast my humble thoughts out into the world. I write because I enjoy it and sometime my mind is far to crowded by swirling, competing ideas that putting them down in some form or other like this is really soothing and helpful for me.
Basically watching this video set my mind spinning. It got me thinking and that I feel is worth sharing. I would never ask or expect people to agree with me but what I would hope is that for yourself you listen opening and let your wonderful mind free on whatever train of thought it chooses.


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