Necessary Hardship


Is there an image that instills more anxiety? Personally, at this point in time, NO.

My life right now is constant exams, for three weeks my life is on hold and my stress levels are at an all time high. I have as of a few hours ago completed two of nine exams and it feels simultaneously like they are going by very quickly and not at all. Honestly my thoughts are so disjoined, split between polarizing topics of study that when asked a simple ‘normal’ question or outrageously to participate in a conversation not regarding nutrition, immunology or something medical/science related, I am totally and completely incapable. There is amazingly horrible feeling when your in a state like the one I’m currently experiencing, when delirium and hyper alertness combine. You somehow feel both the aching pressure of tiredness weighed on your eyes and also same eyes are frozen wider than they have ever been desperately attempting to glimpse everything at once. I think it is fair to say this student related form of insanity is not just of my own creation but rather a widespread phenomenon experienced by many especially in times of particular importance like for example sitting your final university exams, case sample- me. I am struggling, it is excruciatingly hard but everyday I have to get up, far earlier than I would like and remind myself how close I am. It has taken four years, four years of my life, of hard work and to lose sight of what it was all for now would be a travesty. It will be worth it, I can persevere and dare I say……do well?? Cautious optimism, it’s the best I can muster. For now this is me, head in hands the majority of the time, desperately trying to retain what I’m revising and looking to this time two weeks when it will all be over.



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