It is at times like these when I have the opportunity to spend some time at home with my family I realize how lucky I am and how insane and wonderful my family is.


I am the eldest of four girls, there is a year between each of the first three of us followed by my youngest sister who is nearly nine years behind me. Growing up with sisters that close to my age and in the country we behaved as friends but with the rivalry of siblings. I defiantly had a lively youth and looking back some real adventures I cherish and so many silly and wild memories we created together. My youngest sister admittedly did not have the same experience with her siblings as the rest of us due to the age gap, however she has also had some experiences we never could have. I do believe having older sisters who can drive has been an advantage to her. Growing up, like many little girls, I did not always ‘like’ my sisters. It is extremely competitive in situations like ours especially when you share a room like we did and are somewhat isolated from other children, living in the country. Time has brought me undeniably closer to my sisters and has made me appreciate and see each of them for their own talents and quirks, beauty and individuality.
When your young it is the differences that grate on your nerves, frustrate you to madness, when opinions and attitudes differ you question how you could be related to this incomprehensible creatures at all, when compromises are made impossible by wills stronger than steel, you are sisters but very different people. Now, possibly partly due to a lifetime as the eldest sibling, born to be mediator and keeper of peace, I have come to really be amazed with the people my sisters are and proud of each of them.
The bond of sisters isn’t comparable to any other, it is solely an entity all of its own. There are experiences and emotions that can only be shared and understood by a sister, comforts and stern lessons that can only be given by a sister. Words and touches that mean so much more because they came from a sister. Sitting in this house, looking at photos on walls, hearing my sisters gossip and laugh, seeing them carry on with everyday life makes me love them all the more. Living away from home has strengthened our relationships without a doubt, sure it is incredibly difficult, trying to keep in contact, keeping appraised of what is going on in each of their lives. I think though it has made us try harder, look at each other in different lights and appreciate the time when we are all together so much more as it is such a precious thing.

3 and me

I am so lucky to have these beautiful and totally crazy human beings in my life, my sisters, there is no one else who can compare to those three girls I have shared my life with and am forever bonded to.


I think it is most definitely a requirement of sisters to pull funny faces whenever attempts are made at taking a photograph together, the result is entertaining though and I’m sure will be responsible for much laughter in years to come.

em and i mae and i2 lol and i

We do, every once in a while manage to capture a more obedient photo.

em and i2 mae and i lol and i2

Emily, Maeve and Laura, the three most beautiful women I know.


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