Happy Feet

Over the course of the roughly 18 years I have spent dancing I have experienced many things and learnt far more than I could quantify. I have been lucky to travel with dance, to attend camps and companies, perform in shows and festivals, be offered performance jobs, be part of photo-shoots and competitions, try all manner of style and genre and love every minute. Here are a few snapshots of the colour and variety that has been my life thus far in dance.



In costume for Coppelia with The Limerick School of Classical Ballet (below left) and in studio (below right)

206404_1019040670350_5101_n      5


Onstage during and after performances in Limerick (left) and Dublin (right)

5296_1192284641341_6968262_n      4


Backstage preparations pre performance

3       1


Dancing in the Lola Montez burlesque show (below left), Costume for the Cork Chamber of Commerce Ball Performance (below right)

7      1901200_735138586510599_200719117_n


Backstage and onstage dancing with The Irish National Youth Ballet Company (below)

9      10


Photo-shoot around the grounds of the University of Limerick (below)

12       6


Tutus and BALLET (below)

14      2


Swan Lake (below left)

4     5


Dancing with the University College Cork dance club (below)

1901533_608677089198868_1037228386_n       1959261_673329916064708_2140442467_n


Photo-shoot with Abercrombie photography, Limerick and Art in Motion (below)



To be continued…………



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