Strawberry Tart

It may not necessarily be true but it feels like summer has arrived. The weather is warming, the days are longer and generally moods are more upbeat, brightened by the sun and opportunity to spend time outdoors again.
As the weekend has arrived and another hard week has concluded, a little treat seems more than deserved. Here is a suitably summer inspired tart that’s quick and indulgent.

Strawberry marscapone tart

The method of preparation for the base of this dessert can be tailored to suit your own desires. It can be a bought tart shell available in most supermarkets, perhaps instead of a tart case a good quality biscuit of your choosing could be used or if the urge overcomes you by all means make a rich shortcrust pastry tart from scratch.
To top your preferred base simply mix together some mascarpone cheese with a little honey to sweeten and optionally some vanilla extract. Alternatively you could add a splash of liqueur, coffee or orange rind to the mascarpone depending on your mood.
After the tart shell has been filled with the mixture or the biscuit smeared, top with thinly sliced strawberries and shower with grated dark chocolate. Delicious.


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