Look into my eyes

Lean in close and let me whisper a secret,
a mystery both known and untold.
An invitation extended only to those deemed worthy,
a journey depicting a life of complexity.
Come closer,
look into my eyes,
catch a glimpse of my soul.

A gift of birth,
burden or blessing.
Power entrusted, accompanied by responsibility.
A weapon that might be wheedled,
a unique identity captured in a ring of vibrant colour,
a swirling sea filled with every nuance, flaw, strength and peculiarity that makes a collection of impulses, me.

With every interaction a connection can be made,
when eyes meet a bond established.
A force that renders all else silent,
sparking conversations enticing and hypnotic, by just one direct and open stare.
With each gentle flutter the allure is made stronger,
surroundings blur, reality slips from grasp as silence settles,
breath unknowingly held in anticipation,
partner or prey transfixed.

Beware the depths that draw you closer,
that offer sincerity in one fleeting gaze.
Those gleaming jewels you look upon return the favor.
Beware the call of starlight in the eyes of a lover,
whispered wishes may offer risk and reward,
what is the cost of impulsive surrender?
even purest intent can transform unguarded emotion from ecstasy to heartbreak by a tiny action,
two motions, up and down,
invitation and rejection,
a connection made and revoked.

The power of a look can be dangerous, a sirens call.
There is also a comfort in a look that lingers, acknowledgement of being seen.
A choice made in a moment, a decision to reveal or conceal.
A choice of who to be and what to show.
The entirety of who we are,
the truth of each of us dwells beyond reach, behind transparent walls.

Look into my eyes,
in a moment of connection, when lashes disentwine,
guarded secrets, unutterable hopes and desires,
words that can’t seem to be formed take shape, are given structure.
If the choice is made all there is can be revealed,
past and present,
chasing, churning,
one influencing the other,
the foundation of my story and models for my future,
the reasons why, every character, honesty plain to be seen.

When what is felt cannot be given breath,
look upon my eyes and see in colour,
in morphing hue emotions develop,
truest blue to stormy grey.
The most joyous emotions can’t help but brighten,
add a glimmer and radiance blinding to behold.
As quickly as a feeling can be altered
so too can the iridescence.
A haze develops,
darker emotions hidden away,
sorrow, desire, rage and regret cast shadows,
passion adding spark and fire,
softest sapphire transformed to secretive obsidian.

Look into my eyes and see my soul,
but know what this entails.
The surface may be seductive however what waits beneath is reality,
it is not a tidy thing, not simple or easily understood.
Eyes take the form of our truest self,
even attempts to hide can be seen in pigment.
Look into my eyes, you will see all that I am,
this is a gift of trust, an exercise in vulnerability,
respect it accordingly.
Look into the eyes of those you meet,
recognize individuality, witness diversity,
A life in colour,
a story evolving with each passing day.


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