A Day in Cork

Take a walk with me through Cork, Ireland.

Today being a particularly lovely day in Cork it occurred to me that it was the perfect opportunity to take pictures of the city I have lived in for four years and present this special place in a light that will do its charm and beauty justice.

I simply ran a few errands today and ambled through the streets in the glorious sunshine taking my time and enjoying my surroundings.
One of my favourite things about Cork city is the abundance of culture and enthusiasm for the arts evident all around. From the Opera house and theatres to the street art and performers, there is a constant sense of creativity and freedom of expression in the air.

DSC_0406      DSC_0436



I am captivated by the bustling tiny streets, shadowed lanes, the many twists and turns of the city, its lack of structure and distain for the straight line. There is a rhythm to Cork that is its own, a flow of people and movement. You can’t help but be pulled in, pulled along. On illuminated days like today when the city gleams it is a really beautiful place.


The architecture of the city is as diverse and colourful as its inhabitants. Each building carries a story and there is a wonderful absence of order to the design of the streets. Buildings are not always what they appear and hidden gems will reward a curious mind.
Here is a prime example, The building ‘Cork Library’ which was created for its names purpose in 1792 is in fact inside an incredibly quirky and wonderfully cozy café hideaway called the Bookshelf Coffee House.



The bookshelf Coffee House was unfortunately full when I found myself in need of sustenance. Luckily Cork is positively excessive in its provision of gastronomic offerings. I found myself in The Quay Co-op, a favourite and regular café on my list of numerous and varied locations throughout the city. I am always satisfied here and leave feeling nourished and content with the meal I have eaten. Today was no exception. Coffee does also help when energy levels dwindle. For this I met my sister and tried Orzo Kitchen and Bar for the first time. I am in love. I only had a coffee but the menu has created a need to return and take advantage of the wickedly alluring array of delectables on offer. I was blown away by the service and atmosphere, I can only imagine how the food must taste from what I saw. I will return and see for myself soon.

IMG-20131116-00660      DSC_0420

Taking a walk along the river when the day is dry and bright is really stunning.

DSC_0428      DSC_0430      DSC_0431


I never tire of taking a stroll through the permanent market located in the heart of the city. There is no place more appealing to me, so much temptation and inspiration in one play is truly dangerous and exciting. Not to mention the aromas that linger in the air instantly rouse an appetite and usually result in a spontaneous spending spree.

DSC_0410      DSC_0434

DSC_0415      DSC_0413      DSC_0414


Finally today after completing all necessary errands and also some impulsive buys I stopped in for a much needed haircut. Having waist length hair is just not practical for the summer, right? Well it is too late now I’ve cut it. I always feel anxiety prior to getting a cut, I have had so many bad experiences. However today I am feeling very pleased, that is most probably until I wash it and it dries with my natural curl. Then I may not be as happy, we shall have to wait and see.

DSC_0435      DSC_0451


Another eventful and enjoyable day in Cork city was had.







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