The Final Ball

My final year university ball was a spectacular success. I have had the great opportunity to attend several balls over the course of my university life however this ball will forever be special. It was a ball specifically for the students of the department that my degree is part of. This meant it gathered together those I shared the four years of my degree with at the very least academically, those who understand the trials and tribulations of what it has taken to arrive at this point like no one else and most importantly they are colleagues I respect greatly and call friend. I had a fantastic night, not only due to the fact that I got to for one very rare evening fully embrace my every desire to be as glamorous as possible but also it allowed me to spend a happy evening with my classmates as a whole, possibly for the last time.

Here’s a little view of my look for the event, I got the dress at such a reeducation it was a steal and I felt amazing. Feeling good in yourself definitely leads to experiencing happiness and appreciating all there is.

Hair and Make-Up

Snapchat-20140116053409       me

Selfietastic images of the whole look

1554455_728214760536315_645662397_n       IMG_20140117_180233

Good company at the ball and some of my class gathered together.

1520784_724427207581737_428682190_n     1546371_10153727018045206_2020684879_n

Such a special and memorable evening. Full of unexpected occurrences, welcome reacquaintances, new bonds formed as well as older ones reinforced. I wish I lived in a time where nights like this were a regular occurrence, I just adore having an excuse to get truly dressed up and be the sophisticated woman I wish I were more often. Nights like this one are experiences so outside of the usual that during them you almost forget how life really is and enter a fantasy world full of the nuances of a past time and freedoms of alter egos. The theme was the roaring 20s, and what happens during prohibition….well becomes infamous.


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