Fresh fig, chopped nut and honey tart.

Having taken it upon myself to embark on the traitorous journey towards the ultimate goal of good health. I have found that there are times when your desperate body, which is against its will ingesting all manor of ‘good for you’ things screams for something NOT good for you. In my case there are moments when a wave of definite, focused desire for sugar positively blurs my vision and takes control of my body force feeding me chocolate. In an effort to escape this loss of control I think its important to allow yourself some sort of treat and dare I say reward as in my mind this is a reward for going against every impulse I feel to eat what I want when I want no matter how unhealthy it may be. I definitely do not deprive myself because the moment I do it all becomes to much and the resulting binge and metaphorical fall off the wagon renders all previous attempts and efforts of good health null and void. Most of the time I am reasonably healthy, improvement can of course always be made but I think I am finally managing to incorporate healthy eating practices into my lifestyle in a way that suits my need and tastes and doesn’t make me miserable. To address my sugar craving I recently created a treat that was semi naughty but far less so than anything I could have grabbed from the near by shop or may have possibly craved before. Here is what I made and found to be both satisfying and flavourful.

Made in a cupcake tin to create the shape and baked until sticky and hot. I served it with a little ice-cream and sad down with my spoon one very happy lady.


All that is required is ready made puff pastry, of which you cut squares and simply press into the tin. To this I add chopped fig, fresh or fried depending on what’s available, a drizzle of honey to sweeten and a sprinkle of chopped nuts, the variety varies depending on my mood but pecans and almonds are delicious. Bake then until the pastry is golden, usually approx. 10minutes, serve warm and satisfying. A dredging of cinnamon is also a nice kick if you are so inclined.


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