How do you define beauty?

Is it physical? Do you think beauty is quantified by what the eye can see. This is not a judgement it is a qenuine inquisitive question. Is what our mind determines beauty to be what it can visually process, then according to learned and integrated understandings translate via a scale of satifcation according to a subconscious set of parameters what warrents the right of being called beautiful.

Is it attraction? Is beauty a chemical forse or a pre destined occurance. Is that which we find beautiful such due to the allure it holds over us. If this is the case what drives this attraction. Are we attracted to those with whom we have a connection, those we are linked to and so find them beautiful for what it is we see in them, that bond felt. Or is it more primal, do we find people beautiful that we deem as suitable matches. Is it evolution or fate. Either, neither or both.

Is it personality? Is the ability to laugh with a common sense of humor, be comfortable in silence, have a hunger for the outdoors, to have common goals and morals. Is it finding that complimentary person to match or counter balance all that you are. Does being opposite and exactly what is needed make someone beautiful in the eyes of another?

Is it action? Does providing and performing deeds make someone beautiful. Can this alone deem one person more beautiful than another. Can allowing someone to be who they are, encouraging them to act for themselves and providing an environment that supports independence a quality worthy of beauty?

Is it intelligence? Can it honestly be said that knowledge is a primary trait of beauty. Do we attribute this to someone who justifies the title of beauty. What prompts the decision to define someone as beautiful or intelligent, do we allow people to be both at first assessment?

Is it spirit? Are those we find beautiful figments of dreams we have seen for ourselves. manifestations of illusions we dared hope be made impossible. Do we sense a freedom we did not know we needed until it was shown. Is a feeling of awe at the life-force of another that allows our mind to associate what it is seeing with the word beautiful.

Is it emotion? Do we see those we feel able to be exposed in front of, striped bare of brave faces and all walls as beautiful. Those that make us vulnerable and honest, that see through pretenses, provide ease with a touch and joy with a smile. Is beauty an unspoken call, a word that allows a definition to be placed on a feeling. Does it make sense of the phenomenon of being matched to someone, is beauty used as a justification?

Is it all and more? How can such a question be answered. Is it not a collection of things, emotions, social preprogramming, environment and personal history. Moments gathered together from experiences, glimpses at beauty which over time stich together an idea of what beauty is. It is individual, it is indescribable how beauty is determined completely, what makes one stand out from all the rest. Importantly for me it is irrelevant, the existence certainly not but the need to singularly attribute one thing or another to a definition, this I see as wildly unnecessary and irresponsible. What is beauty but a word. It can be so many things, good things, beneficial things but it can also allow for cruelty and destruction. Becoming overly concerned with becoming what is preserved but not truly understood as beautiful can cause often times do more harm than good.
I feel it is reasonable to say that almost everybody has certainly felt self conscious at some point in their existence. In that moment of vulnerability, of questioning your self worth, of comparing yourself to the opinions of others, the desire to be beautiful is at its strongest. This craving comes from a place of fear, worry for acceptance and longing to be deemed worthy, held apart as beautiful and special. In the minds of many self worth is something that requires validation. I will hand on heart admit I have felt this way, felt lost and in those times you seek a measure by which you can hold your self up to and try to meet whereby pulling yourself into a more satisfied mindset, a more comfortable place. Standing alone isn’t comfortable, its lonely and intimidating. Non conforming is still seen as a stigma and there is an immense amount of bravery require to completely be yourself and reject outside influences. It is a struggle and I am so saddened by this fact. Instinctually we all crave to belong, to be valued and in todays circumstance above all whether it be said or unsaid, conscious or subconscious beauty is a strong contributor to achieving this.
What I ask again is what is beauty and what value do you place on it? This is for me an evolving internal debate, a question as of yet unanswered fully. I think it will continue as I cultivate experiences and interactions with people and I hope with each new exchange I grow more confident in my own sense of beauty and learn what beauty is to me and what type of beauty I want to live with. I want to remind myself in those times of self assessment, when I turn inside to evaluate what and who I am. I want to change the questions I ask myself and discover what is honestly important to me and will allow me to live in good conscience with self respect and pride. I am the eldest sister of four and I often ask myself are my actions positively reflecting upon them and others? I want to be a good example and for me as a woman, but really gender aside as a person supporting each other is fundamental to leading a beautiful life. I will always teach my sisters it is better to stand apart and be judged for who you are but feel honest than put on a face to feel accepted. True acceptance to me finds you as do like minded people. It is the same principle as starting anything for the first time, we have all been the little child trying to make friends, when you are yourself those who are meant to be in your life will end up in your life.
I think beauty is forever changing and is primarily dependent upon who you are and who you want to be.


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