Having a Ball

Last night I attended my final ball of my university life!!!!
The Clubs and Societies Ball is always an event in the academic years calendar to look forward to. Energy is high, attendees are excited and full of anticipation awaiting the awards ceremony. The combination of the different personalities present creates a colourful and unpredictable evening. As a member of the Dance club I know going into the night that what lies ahead will be full of unrestrained dancing, deep and potentially emotional conversations, copious photographs and unexpected occurrences. The first of which was when entering the ball, after walking past fire dancers, an Elvis impersonator serenaded all who entered from the balcony overlooking the entrance hall. The Vegas theme was evident from the very first moment.
I was unable to attend the dinner as I had work late. This meant unfortunately it was necessary for me to pass some time at the reception solo as I waited for the people I knew at the ball to finish dinner and for access to their ballroom to open. I never have a problem attending events without an escort but I have to say last night being for one sober and for another in my final year of university, very evidently older than most other attendees it was not an entirely pleasant wait. I enjoyed the reception but was definitely ready to be taken into the protective embrace of my friends before long. I pride myself on being quite a strong, independent woman but there comes a point when being alone attracts too much drunken and unwanted attention that it is necessary to find a safety person to help mediate the situation. By this I mean I shamefully resorted to finding a kind stranger to use as a buffer between myself and the borderline harassing drunkards that seemed drawn to me like I was secretly in possession of free booze. It might seem vane and obnoxious to admit this but it is what happened so there you go. I have no self illusions but drunken students can be aggressive in their advances. I don’t know what it is but some males are under the impression that once at a ball expectations of come courtesy are no longer relevant and that they may behave as though it were there very last night and ever woman would oh so lucky to be allowed the opportunity of their company. Harsh as it may be I am definitely looking forward to leaving this behavior behind and it is without exaggeration I report this phenomenon.
Once united with my friends I began to settle into the night. The thing about attending an event with dancers is that when a song is played that is loved by one member of the group a domino effect occurs spurring all members into rapturous dance. There is no sense of self consciousness in this situation, there is an atmosphere of freedom and pure enjoyment. It is contagious and encourages all to just listen to the music and move however you feel without any judgment, pure encouragement is all to be expected. Everyone loves to indulge in the guilty pleasure of dancing like no one is watching, embracing your inner maniac and unleashing yourself to the beat of your favourite song. Most 90s classics have this effect on this particular group of hooligans.
Laughter, dancing, photos and carefree abandon were the themes of the night. I enjoyed once again the glamour of attending a ball, dressing up, feeling special and spending time with those I call friend. There were giddy girly chats in the hotel room, moments when heels were exchanged for flats and overly emotional dramas were quashed. However all of this is expected of such a night and only adds to the memory created. No night is ever perfect but each is unique. Going into an event I try not to have thought too much of what to expect so I can embrace and enjoy what is to come.

1383702_756200151071109_1738871653_n                          69590_10152104499219773_280130597_n
The UCC Dance Club won the award for Club of the year in the University College Cork. To me this award is unbelievably well deserved by the club, I may be a tad biased but non the less it is validation for the endless work the club does and gratification for the effort put into the numerous events created each year, talents shared and nurtured by all involved in the club and the constant energy the dance clubs supplies to the college community.
Truly a Clubs and Societies Ball to remember.


My look for the night.
I only attended the after’s of the ball so I thought a short dress would be best, even though I love an excuse to were a gown. Regardless I think what I put together ended up having a slight nod to ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ which I love and I felt comfortable and certainly able to move vigorously, very important qualities when attending a ball with dance friends.

1922365_756200254404432_975167430_n                                          1174840_756321581058966_2101676524_n

Something I  have never had the chance to do before is attend a ball my one of my sisters. Last night changed this as one of my younger sisters Maeve was also in attendance of the ball.  I had a wonderful time with her, my persistent need to constantly be on the dance floor did test her stamina but with unwavering ‘encouragement’ and persuasion from me we danced the night away in style. Also as true sisters do, we had a post ball feast, a burrito party to be specific and taxied home together gossiping and recalling the night. Although we are very, very different I love the chance to spend carefree time like this with my sister, any of my sisters and hope we never grow out of enjoying nights like these in each others company and continue to challenge each other to new experiences and creating even better memories moving forward.





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