Raw Emotion

ucc dance team 2014

Most recently in my dance life I competed with the University College Corks Dance Team in the 2014 Dance Intervarsity’s hosted by CIT. This was the third time I had competed in the intervarsity competition and held special importance and sentimentality to me as it would also be my last time competing. The experience of competing is one so vivid and tactile it is hard to put into words. Dance by nature is an activity that’s creates a heightened emotional state, add to this the adrenaline of competing and the stimulation and energy of a crowd of spectators and the result is something without comparison. Words and my excessive ramblings would possibly only serve to belittle how much I enjoyed and gained from the experience so instead I think I’ll lay out some pictures and a video to catalogue and represent the spirit of what occurred and was achieved.

UCC, my team, won 1st place in the Jazz category, our second consecutive year winning this All Ireland trophy. 1743456_744857542205370_1117601781_n

This dance was so full of colour and energy it was immensely enjoyable to dance and also I hope to watch.

1959674_831909510158399_1722796854_n I was also part of the UCC team that came 3rd overall in a very intense and competitive lyrical division. This I am particularly proud of. I adored the dance, the song alone is so haunting I’ll cherish this memory and these motions for a long time to come.



I remember leaving the stage after performing this and feeling so good, so happy. When you perform without reservations or hesitations it is the most freeing and cathartic experience. I was not without flaws, I made minor errors but unusually for me I felt no sense of self deprecation just satisfaction and joy. It was a really nice and deeply personal moment.

(I happen to be the one in back with the possibly obscenely long black hair)

Our Irish dancing troupe also placed 2nd overall in their category and I couldn’t have been prouder.

It was a day and an event full of positivity, creativity and joy. Dance and music fussed with every cell of everyone’s being present that day and created an atmosphere that was electric with passion and a love for the arts. I hope that events like this continue to grow and prosper and with each year more people become aware of there existence, are spurred into taking part or being an active observer. It was tangible, the energy that day and it brought so many people together in such a positive and supportive way that I honestly came away feeling alive and hopeful. Here are a few more photos from the day, the make-up was a particular element of fun for me. I do love some over the top artistic make-up madness and having a reason to indulge only encouraged me beyond restraint.




These photos were taken during our performance competing in the Mixed Style category. Dark, seductive and sinister, all my favourite elements in a dance.

1798288_744856215538836_1313263123_n 1621724_831909790158371_1139630723_n

This might perhaps give some indication of the make-up fun that was had. One of the most exciting aspects to performing is donning a costume and transforming into a different person, a character, an alter ego. It is exhilarating not to mind every little childs dream. Its dress up extreme edition.


Above all else competing is about being part of a team. It is about supporting those who have bled, sweat, laughed and cried in the studio with you to get to this point. It is an intense bonding experience and creates memories that will never fade.


3 thoughts on “Raw Emotion

  1. Hi Olivia. I checked out your blog and really like it. Great job on that performance. You definitely stood out with your long hair. I myself am a dancer and have created the blog “Street Style Expose” as a way to feature dancers of New York City. If you have some time, check out my blog.

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