Pen to paper

“She had eyes that bore deep into his heart, bringing a sweet warm wave of assurance within; eyes that cradled him in the crisp black-and-white world on the other side of the picture, where life was, at least, beautifully lit.”
― Stephen Mosley

I have decided stop self evaluating my capabilities, to give into desires I might have and to try things I once may have thought beyond me.

Today in the in-between minutes of my day I turned to a new page in my refill pad and allowed myself to draw. In my family there is a silent rule, one meant to keep order that each child is allowed one special talent and that talent or area of personal achievement may not to taken up by an other child. Again this was not advertised but it was adopted and adhered to throughout my youth. Therefore as art was my sisters domain and an area in which she exceled, I never much gave myself the chance to indulge in this activity even though I was often drawn to do so. Here is the journey of my attempt today, completely without any instruction and probably also lacking much skill however I found the experience to be very satisfying and the result not totally unpleasant.









It is possible the end result is reflective of my present tired state but then I never have been very good at separating my emotions from my work.


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