Blue Beginnings


Expansive blue and gentle breeze,
Briny grit to scrub and ease.
Light and possibility reflected from an endless pool.
Sweetness, calm, freedom, hope.

Being by the sea is a blissful place indeed.

Each rolling rock dragged into engulfing depths,
pulled by an unmatchable force, sinks down to darkness.
With steady ebb and flow waves crash over worries,
flaws made less blunt, less jagged,
not quite as destructive by each tender turquoise caress.
As the ocean takes breath, pulls in what I exhale, clean slates are created.

Being by the sea is a blissful place indeed.

And so to the sea I retire all woes,
scars from friend and foe.
Crash over bonds that serve to hold,
weather links restraining, silently containing.
With each inhalation I breath the soft cooing of a gull, the gentle whistle of the wind,
the lapping of the tide against the ancient shore, the salty taste of tears making free strangling sorrows.
I add to the collection established long ago all I can relinquish, my pebble hidden amongst those assembled.
I leave to watchful guardians, the shadows that repose within my soul.
Eyes closed, image painted inside my lids, memory of surroundings created,
preserved to be called upon when once again essential.

I become a child of water, made lighter by Lir,
cleansed and renewed.
Breath taken deeper, stride made longer,
all seems to have new colour, less obstruction, more intention.
Opportunity awaits.

Being by the sea is a blissful place indeed.



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