What life do you want?

If there is one thing i have come to realize recently it is no matter what life throws at you, how tired you are, how difficult things might seem it is ultimately up to you to find enjoyment and live your life to its fullest potential.

I, like most people I would think struggle when my energy levels are low. Motivation becomes lost in the slug of a lethargic day and it can be far too easy to relent and sink into the laze of it all. I will be honest and admit that at times I am guilty of not being strong enough to battle the pull of a grey day, I can find the call of a soft pillow and the drone of a mind numbing TV program far too appealing. This is a habit that I am actively seeking to eradicate. It is a vortex that rips precious time from me and secludes me in darkness, curtains drawn even a small space can be a lonely place.

This life needs to be lived not just passed through. Call this motivation Friday if you will but I have just drawn to the end of one of the busiest processional weeks I have had to date. The experience has left me feeling completely exhausted and mentally drained but at the same time revitalized. I discovered new capabilities within myself, developed strength of character and a renewed confidence in my ability to persevere even when it may feel as though an alarm siren is the sounding of my impending execution. I am completing another 9-6 working day with ambition and determination. I am leaving work to begin my evening not to adopt a mentality of finality. There are just enough hours remaining to draw enjoyment and vitality from, restorative hours after a long working day. This weekend I pledge to be productive in my relaxation and enjoyment of free time.

It is a new mentality I aiming to adopt as well as a change in lifestyle. It will take time, effort and I’m sure a lot of internal disagreement between my optimistic, energetic persona and my couch potato core. I feel realistically Swiss about how this is about to go, knowing that with all the best intentions I am not the easiest to change their ways but with time I feel I can chip away at bad habits and emerge an improved me. It begins now, tonight….I will keep you posted.


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