Berry Bliss

Something Sweet

Fresh fruit can not only be healthy but also an indulgence. Hear me out, I know it goes against all instincts but this statement in my eyes is very true. It is quite common to pair fruit, especially berries with rich and luxurious ingredients to create a very satisfying dessert. When trying to be health conscious and attempting to avoid snacking on ‘I’ll regret this later’ deserts, this combination and well establish dessert idea can be manipulated to prevent such an event. Creating for yourself rather than buying is the first step. Only a few ingredients need be involved but I promise the emotional, guilt free benefit far outweighs any perceived effort towards the creation of such a dessert.

Here I am using as inspiration a very Italian dish of mascarpone with berries, almost a summer tiramisu is what comes to mind when thinking of these ingredients. As a lover of the dish I am familiar with the flavors and textures so creating a lighter version seems tangible. It is key when trying to transition to eating less decadent foods to play with flavors and ingredients you have positive associations to. This dish has all the attributes of a rich fruity dessert but is in fact light, fresh and virtually sin free.


I have substituted mascarpone for natural yogurt, sweetened lightly with honey. I have grated some 70% dark chocolate to add a hit of what every girl craves. The berries are bursting with appeal and vitality. Putting the whole dish together is a matter of layering yogurt, berries and sprinkling with some chopped nuts for crunch.

A very simple idea, in no way to be held beside a tiramisu but stands alone as an ideal sweet treat for someone looking to satisfy cravings without overly indulging.


Feel good, be happy!


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