There is nothing wrong with daisies

I found myself at an exhibition of an exact reproduction of King Tutankhamun tomb. Just a normal day, wandering through ancient Egypt within the confines of a swelteringly hot warehouse somewhere in Dublin. Headphones on, the painfully monotonous English historian took me through the many, and I do mean many in the most intensely laborious way, wonders found inside the tomb of King Tut all those years ago. For the first hour maybe I was captivated by the glamour of it all. The gleaming gold sarcophagus, the ornamental, precious jem encrusted jewelery and the twisted family history that produced this King.

But after that all wore off, I found myself distracted by a dark haired guy who silently commanded my attention. Maybe it was the way he so effortlessly walked between exhibition cases managing to show precisely the right amount of interest but still holding a glint of impatience in his emerald eyes. Or maybe I was just caught up in the fantasy my surroundings were creating. For some reason I found myself caressing the giant column of the tomb, slinking seductively around the pillar and from down cast eye lashes casting a fleeting glance in his direction. What makes a person act like this? What did I think, that all of a sudden I was Elizabeth Taylor and all it would take was one flutter of my raven eyelashes and I’d have men at war for me?

It did start me thinking though, once the madness of my exotic hallucination had worn off. Where has seduction gone! I don’t mean flirtation or cheesy come ons in dimly lit nightclubs. I mean real, overtly implicate seduction. The type of gestures done without uttering a single word, that cause a man to stop in his tracks and stare open mouthed at a woman. Where have those women gone? Have women just stopped trying to be subtle, coy. Those words aren’t sexy, there not loud, they don’t grab attention. However, the right gestures, the right movements done in the most elegant and subtly tactful way are far more glamorous and I would wager effective in getting the attention of a man than any trashy, generic, we all know where this is going to lead, five line conversation.

Dating in today’s world has lost all its glamour. The pre date excitement will always be there, if the date is both consensual and intentional, nothing can be done about blind dates or dates you didn’t know were dates until you were awkwardly sitting opposite a sweating man in a crowded restaurant. But once on what is supposedly considered a date by todays standards, the stark reality of just how embarrassingly inadequate modern dates are in comparison to the rich history of the institution of dating hits you. In Ireland anyway, I won’t pretend to be well versed in the protocols of the rest of the world, but here dating is more thought of as a formality to be gotten  out of the way quickly. There is no sense of occasion, no nervous conversation over a tiny table in a packed restaurant, no intimate exchanges or stolen moments. No. There is a quick bite to eat, a trip to the cinema, where lets face it whats playing on screen is of no concern to him, he’s chosen the seats in back for a reason. Two ‘dates’, three if he’s a real catch and the date quota is in his eyes met, by then you’re a couple and such formalities are no longer necessary. Whoever gave the men of this country a dating guidebook outlining that as the correct protocol should be taken out back and dealt with fairly.

I mean honestly, I’m not expecting roses or a guy in a tux to pick me up at eight and take me dancing to a live jazz band. I’m not asking for ten consecutive candlelit dates or midnight strolls along the beach, I realise, especially with the diabolical weather in this country that spontaneous picnics are probably out of the question but there’s nothing wrong with daisies, guys they grow everywhere! A surprise flower, even the unpretentious daisy would ignite that glint of glamour, that spark of suspense in the relationship. Lets bring back old hollywood charisma and style, lets reinvent the sultry sway of screen sirens who knew all to well the effect their slow departures had on the pulse of a man. Lets put some sophistication and anticipation into flirting.

Well I think that’s enough rambling for now, I do tend to get lost in a tought once I’ve started. The point I think I was trying to make was, I loved the feeling of slinking around a pillar and drawing a man in with a feverish glance or a whispered greeting. I’m going to start being more assertively subtle, old hollywood seductresses had it down to an art form. I think it’s all to do with confident coyness, being brave enough to lock eye contact and captivate the attention of a man and knowing how to seductively roll your shoulder, peek behind you and catch a guy right at the moment they looks your way.


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